Each season we support three exceptional start-up companies for free.

The following are examples from this season’s SeedBranding Programme.
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What it is

Sideways 6 helps companies innovate using insight driven innovation networks.

The goats' work

We lightened the feel of the original brand, stripping down redundant elements for a more streamlined look. We then designed a sleek and powerful identity for the online platform.

  • Brand refresh
  • Pitch deck
  • Interface improvements

sideways6 collateral sideways6 collateral

What it is

eRipple is a mobile tool that lets the user - Startups, Mentors or Investors - connect with those who share common goals and professional interests.

The goats' work

We decided that the eRipple symbol should be more closely related to the App’s functionality than its predecessor. The tone of voice should be sleek.

  • Rebranding
  • App identity
  • Website
  • Pitch deck

eripple collateral

What it is

Sliide is a mobile interactive advertising platform that rewards its users.

The goats' work

Through deep research into the meaning of the word ‘slide’, we gave birth to an unconventional but playful mascot: the sliding penguin.

  • Rebranding
  • App identity
  • Website
  • Pitch deck

sliide collateral


At the {essence} of every great product is its brand.

Using our own consumer focused psychometric processes, we delve to the core of your brand and produce a market-ready product.

[strategy], design, development
branding, identity, messaging, web, app, packaging, campaigns, promotions, social media, pitch decks, sales docs...

get involved

There are several ways to work with us. Apply via our free SeedBranding Programme, purchase a pre-defined package or on a PAYG basis.

remote goatPAYG


On demand services.
Individual rates apply.

remote goat seed branding


Apply through to our SeedBranding Programme for free integrated support and access to our expertise and network. We take on 3 applicants a year, next cycle - March 2015!

Complete brand spectrum

remote goat pre-investment


For those who want to build confidence to pitch for investment. This package starts from £1000* - we operate a tiered cost structure. What you get from us:

mini brand guidelines
static landing page
pitch deck

* plus VAT

remote goat market-ready


Are you in viable investment rounds - or have recently secured investment? We'll finesse all facets of your communication and product so it's ready for action!

pre-investment pack +


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